Welcome to the staffing revolution!  Call today to create your account! 888-293-9249
 Call today to create your account! 888-293-9249
 Give Your Clients Something New.

Verbal Summary - the most revolutionary tool to hit the Staffing Industry since the internet! For the first time in years you will be able to offer your clients something NEW!

 Stand out from the crowd.

It is impossible to get a well-rounded picture with just written words on a computer screen. Verbal Summary unites the written and the spoken word for a more personal and complete presentation to your clients and candidates.

 Better then Video...Integrates seamlessly into your routine

Unlike video resumes you will not expect your candidates to drive across town for a professional video shoot and sit nervously in front of a camera going over a rehearsed career history. You will capture REAL conversations--whenever they happen...wherever they occur.

 Unlimited Possibilities

There are many more uses for this powerful Web 2.0 service: Reference Checking, Offer Extension, Recruiter Training, Interview Feedback and much more!

 Completely Web-Based. No Maintenance Headaches!

It is simple to use, requires no expensive hardware or software investment and is hosted on our site. Simply send your client a friendly link and let them hear what they've been missing!

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